Super Flashing Kamehameha is a more powerful version of the Flashing Kamehameha used by Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 form. First, Gohan brings his cupped hands to his left side like the normal Flashing Kamehameha. Then, he forms a golden yellow energy sphere and charges it with much more power. Finally, Gohan brings his hands forward and fires a bigger and more powerful Flashing Kamehameha at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

Gohan used this attack during the battle against Babidi, Dabura, and Majin Buu's cocoon. After his onslaught of Flashing Kamehameha attacks failed to destroy Majin Buu's cocoon, Gohan's last attack knocked it up into the air. Hoping to destroy it this time, Gohan charged up and fired the Super Flashing Kamehameha up at the falling cocoon. While the attack was blasting the cocoon, pink energy began glowing in the core inside of the cocoon. The cocoon crashed to the ground and hatched, releasing a gaseous substance that later formed into the monster, Majin Buu.

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